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Dr. Smith is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Biochemistry, a D.D.S. from the University of Maryland and a Certificate in Advanced Periodontics from Bethesda Hospital and the University of Maryland.  He has been in full time clinical practice since 1993 and in his current King of Prussia location since 1997.  He has lectured nationally   READ MORE

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Before and After

  • Lisa

    Meet Lisa.  Lisa has been able to reduce her wrinkles, enhance her natural beauty, and restore her skin’s natural volume by treating several areas on her face.  She has been treated with one wrinkle filler of Juviderm Ultra and two …

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  • Jill

    Meet Jill.  Jill’s smile accentuates her laugh lines.  Over time and with the aging of the skin, these lines become more pronounced and visible.  With the help of Juviderm, these lines have been reduced.  See how two wrinkle filler treatments …

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  • Nonsurgical Procedures - SKS Cosmetic Procedures

    Taking Years Off Your Face Without Surgery

    By admin Post - April 14,2013

      Great Looks Have Never Been Easier  The famous face of Humphrey Bogart is the focus in two films where plastic surgery plays one of the starring roles. In Dark Passage, the iconic actor has been wrongly accused of murder …

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  • Vanessa Williams

    Celebrities That Have Used Botox

    By admin Post - April 14,2013

      Meet 6 Celebrities Who Use Botox Hollywood celebrities have traditionally been more than a little wary about discussing their age. Jack Benny—in case you somehow missed his running gag—was perennially 39 years old. For the women we love to …

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