Our skin does such a great job battling the environment over the years, but as time passes, telltales signs of what it has been through begin to show up. As we age we lose the abundant collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin that give our skin suppleness, volume and support. Losing these are what causes the lines, wrinkles and general skin laxity that we all associate with aging.Ā 

One of the top treatments available today is RADIESSEĀ® Volumizing Filler and Dr. Scott K. Smith has seen his King of Prussia patients experience tremendous benefits from its use.

Radiesse filler is a non-animal calcium hydroxylapatite complexed with cellulose that is injected under the skin. Because it is not an animal product, no allergy testing is required before treatment. It replaces skin volume that is lost over time, especially in areas such as the cheeks, under the corners of the mouth, and in the folds that typically run from the nose to the mouth.

Patients experience immediate results with Radiesse and one of the great features of the product is that it stimulates the growth of your own natural collagen. This extends the results of your initial treatment for several months.

If you’re looking for long-lasting relief from the winkles and folds that make you look older than you feel, Radiesse may offer the ideal treatment. The way to find out is to call Dr. Smith today and schedule your consultation.