“Youth is wasted on the young,” or so said George Bernard Shaw. That may be true, but we also know that when we’re young our skin has an abundance of hyaluronic acid (HA), which helps keep our faces firm and free of wrinkles. As we age, we begin to lose HA. Fortunately, today there is Juvederm®, a specially formulated HA gel that can help replace the HA that we have lost over the years. 

When injected, Juvederm replenishes the skin’s natural HA and also hydrates the areas where it is used. HA is the skin’s natural moisturizer. This gives your skin back its volume and its youthful look. It is ideal for a variety of applications including: 

  • removing facial lines,
  • correcting winkles,
  • treating deep folds,
  • enhancing lips,
  • shaping facial contours,
  • dealing with smile lines, and
  • adding volume to lips.

Juvederm has been the answer for many King of Prussia residents in recent years as Dr. Scott K. Smith has added the procedure to his offerings. Dr. Smith can easily determine if Juvederm is right for you. If it is, you’ll find that the treatment delivers virtually immediate results. Further, you won’t have any downtime. You can schedule your Juvederm treatment with Dr. Smith on a break from work, on your way home from the gym or any time that works with your schedule. We’re ready to set your appointment today.