Taking Years Off Your Face Without Surgery


Great Looks Have Never Been Easier 

Nonsurgical Procedures - SKS Cosmetic ProceduresThe famous face of Humphrey Bogart is the focus in two films where plastic surgery plays one of the starring roles. In Dark Passage, the iconic actor has been wrongly accused of murder and needs to make himself look different.

Ironically, in The Man with Bogart’s Face, Robert Sacchi plays a character who undergoes cosmetic surgery to make himself look more like Humphrey Bogart. In both cases, if you get a chance to see those films, you’ll get a feel for how difficult it used to be to bring new good looks and radiance to one’s appearance.

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Celebrities That Have Used Botox


Meet 6 Celebrities Who Use Botox

Celebrities that us Botox

Hollywood celebrities have traditionally been more than a little wary about discussing their age. Jack Benny—in case you somehow missed his running gag—was perennially 39 years old. For the women we love to see up on the big screen, aging has been an even more touchy subject.

But a funny thing started happening lately: A parade of celebrities have been coming forward to talk about their use of Botox to effectively deal with some of the appearance battles we all fight as we age. Let’s check in with a few of them.

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